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General Information

Coastal Ballet Academy offers a learning environment that encourages the growth of each individual, while developing leadership skills that will follow each dancer throughout his or her life. Teamwork and important life skills are reinforced on a daily basis. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please call (251) 979-9851 or email so we can assist you further. 


When you register for a class, you are registering for the entire ballet school year. Our classes

are intentionally small and fill on a first come, first served basis. Therefore,we highly

recommend you secure your registration for the upcoming school year during the months of

March - May. Withdrawal is permitted according to the withdrawal policy.

Returning Students

Unless withdrawn from class, it is expected that students will be continuing their enrollment.

If returning to Coastal Ballet, please contact the office for re-enrollment.

Withdrawal Policy

During the Fall Semester, you may withdraw from a class with 90 days advance written notification from a parent or guardian, until October. There are no withdrawals October - December due to the upcoming Nutcracker Season. During the spring semester, you may withdraw from a class with 90 days advance written notification from a parent or guardian. If you do not withdraw 1 month prior to the summer term, your child will be assumed enrolled for the summer term. Phone calls, phone messages, or verbal notice are not accepted as a form of withdrawal. There are no refunds on pre-paid tuition. There are no exceptions. 


Class Terms

             School Year Term: August 1st - May 31st

             Fall Semester            August - October

             Winter Semester       November - January

             Spring Semester       February - April

             Summer Semester    May - July


A $30 fee is charged on returned checks or rejected charges. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for any expenses (including attorney fees) that Coastal Ballet incurs in pursuit of uncollected tuition or fees. All accounts must be paid in full in order for students to participate in Seasonal Performances. 


Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right of any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal dance activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during, or after class time.

Photo Release

Coastal Ballet Academy and it's affliate Coastal Ballet Company and/or CBA or CBC is granted permission by parents, legal guardians, and students to use photographs or videos of our students in publications and for promotional purposes including brochures, web sites, posters, and advertisements. Permission is also granted for the school to copyright such photographs and recordings in its name.

Inclement Weather

Coastal Ballet Academy follows the Baldwin County School System Schedule and will close if Baldwin County School System closes for inclement weather.


Code of Ethics

To ensure the quality of our school, Coastal Ballet maintains a zero tolerance policy toward regard to bullying, theft, or vandalism. Students will be subject to dismissal for poor attitude, disrespectful behavior, or poor attendance. Parents are also subject to a code of ethics when entering the ballet or attending/assisting with all practices and performances. In the event of a breech of these ethics, a meeting will take place, and further incidents could lead to dismissal. Refunds will not be considered for students or parents in violation of this policy.

Class Descriptions &  Attire


Classes include the instruction of classical ballet, pre-pointe' and pointe' classes, character dances, lyrical pieces, and jazz. Live pianists often accompany our instruction and a variety of performances are held throughout the season providing unforgettable experiences and learning opportunities. Classes may be observed at any time.

Creative Movement/Ballet I (ages 3 - 6)


***Creative Movement/Ballet I students wear pink leotards, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers (girls) or white shirts, black pants, and black slippers (boys).

This is the beginning class for students who are new to dance. Dancers will learn all about basic ballet terms, rhythm, music, coordination, and social skills which will lead to many fun-filled years of dancing and self-expression. 


Ballet II (ages 6 - 9)

***All Ballet II students wear blue leotards, pink tights, and pink slippers (girls) or a white t-shirt, black pants, and black slippers (boys).


Dancers will begin learning floor stretches specific to developing strength in their feet.  Dancers will learn correct posture and body placement, beginning ballet barre work in the fundamentals of classical ballet, and basic steps and positions to help create simple combinations.  Terms are taught in French. Grace, balance, and technique and strength develop with floor work.  


Ballet III/Pre-Pointe' (ages 9+)

***All Ballet III/Pointe'/Adult Stretch students wear black leotards, black skirt, pink tights, and pink slippers/pink pointe' shoes if on pointe' (girls) or white t-shirt, black pants, black or neutral slippers (boys).


Barre work and center combinations are more complex in this class leading to our pre-pointe' class. Dancers at this level will start class at the ballet barre to work on classical technique and execution of different combinations.  They will learn how to hold correct posture and build their strength and how to use this when putting together several dance steps.

Pre-Pointe' (evaluation or placement required)

Pre-pointe' work builds strength, endurance and coordination. Students will further increase the repertoire of steps,                combinations, and turns. Many new steps will be taught that are required for the next level, and building overall core              and body strength will be crucial to moving on. Dance history is also included. Dancers at this level should be taking              class 2 times a week or more.


Ballet III/Pointe' (evaluation required)

Dancers will first learn how to tie ribbons on their pointe' shoes! They will learn a wide variety of placement, movement, and body position and will continue to train in the classical method. Dancers at this level should be taking class 3 times a week or more. 

Adult Stretch & Rotate

This class is for those who want to dance their way to better health and beauty, and to tone and tighten target areas. Floor barre work builds flexibility. Therapeutic barre work is combined with upbeat center floor work to enhance strength and balance, while correcting body alignment. 

Jazz & Tap Classes

Dress for these classes will be your current ballet placement attire (ex. Ballet I, Ballet II etc.), and Jazz or tap shoes. While our focus is a classical ballet education, these classes   

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