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Support Your Local Ballet

Your giving helps support our local dancers. When you give, your donations are used to assist with dancing materials like shoes, tights, leotards, etc. and tuition. Donate today and make a difference in our community and in the life of a child.

Make a gift of your choice. It will go to our highest need.


1 ticket for a child to enjoy The Nutcracker.


1 pair of dancer's tights. Over 100 pairs needed.


1 pair of ballet slippers. Over 50 pair needed.


Help pay for the cost of marketing and marketing supplies for 1 performance such as posters and postcards.


Pay for 1 private lesson. Private lessons enhances the ballerina's technique and flexibility.


Pay for 1 month of ballet for a child - up to 2 times a week. 10 months of ballet are in a Season.


1 pair of Pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are handmade and uniquely fitted to the ballerina wearing the shoes. A Pointe shoe can only be worn a few times before new ones are needed. Our ballerinas use several pair a year! 100 pair needed.


Pay for 1 month ballet for a ballerina dancing on Pointe - 3 times a week. 10 months are in a Season.


Gift a child with a week of Summer Intensive (summer camp!)


Help cover the cost of backstage supplies for crew and dancers each performance.


Help cover the cost of beautiful performance costumes.


Gift a child with 6 months of ballet classes twice a week.

Help cover the cost of The Nutcracker set and design. 

Will pay for the cost of a Principal Dancer's custom-made tutu.

Pays for the cost of 1-10 month Season of pre-professional training, 3 days a week.

Allows 100 children in the community to see The Nutcracker.


Keep In Touch

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Coastal Ballet is a 501 c(3) non-profit professional ballet company. The company is affiliated with its school, Coastal Ballet Academy, where students receive training from the professional company dancers/instructors. Both Coastal Ballet Company and Coastal Ballet Academy were founded by Artistic Director, Rio Cordy.

Please call 251.979.9851 to make a donation.

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